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Niatsu helps you to quickly get an overview of your total impact. Showing you the first steps on your sustainability journey.


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Our software streamlines the creation of carbon accounting by automating data collection and aggregation. Through our framework we are able to update products quickly adapting to changes in recipes and seasonality.


We know that sustainability is not the primary challenge for food manufacturers. Therefore we develop our solutions with the users in mind and optimize for efficiency in the workflow.


Understand the Impact.


We provide a breakdown of carbon emissions, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and reduce the impact of the supply chain. We include emissions created from manufacturing and transport up until the point of sale.


Our calculations are based on standards and models validated by the scientific community. By aggregating this knowledge within Niatsu, we enable a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of food chains.


A platform to streamline compliance.

Our solution is designed to track, report and help with setting targets, even if you are not an expert in the field of carbon accounting. We utilize machine learning, data processing and statistics to assist with any task and reduce the most time consuming parts of your sustainability journey. 

Machine Learning for Inputs.

Niatsu can directly integrate with your data or we can extract crucial information from your product specification sheets. This allows us to onboard you in a matter of hours for your whole product portfolio. 

Our artificial intelligence technology extends your custom data with a vast variety of impact indicators such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use, land use and biodiversity contributors. 

Through our focus on user experience we streamline and ease the entry into carbon accounting. Our products are designed to be used by untrained users to comply with regulations and gain insights into their operations.

Aggregated Data.

Relying on Niatsu’s leading LCA database with thousands of datasets from the agricultural sector, you get scientific data and transparent sources. We focus on transparency such that comparison between manufacturers can be assured. 

We continuously grow our datasets and update them to assure compliant information. Our focus lies especially for semi manufactured goods such as stabilizers and protein isolates.

Our algorithms for transportation deliver the best possible data on supply chain emissions and impact, filling in gaps in your primary data. 

Report and Set Targets.

Use Niatsu to report according to the GHG protocol standards and set targets for science based targets initiative (SBTi). 

Don’t stop at reporting and start to rethink how you develop products and shape your portfolio. Niatsu will help you to change formulations and suggest improvements in product compositions. 

Niatsu helps you to continuously track and improve. Making it the essential companion for any food and beverage manufacturer to navigate regulations and compliance topics on sustainability. 


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